makeup removal

Why your skincare routine may be damaging your lashes…

Women around the globe rely on the magic of mascara to open up the eyes and define the eyelashes. However, many are not removing their makeup properly, or worse, forget to take their mascara off altogether; potentially causing irreversible lash follicle damage.


Eyelashes, like normal hair on your scalp, can dry up and become brittle if proper TLC is not given to them; this can lead to breakage, loss of lashes or the development of weaker roots. However, that is the least of your worries, failure to remover makeup can cause infections since sleeping with your mascara on heightens the probability of dirt/bacteria getting trapped within the eye area.


Before going to sleep, it has been said that washing your face is not enough as most eye makeup is produced with immense staying-power due to consumer demand. It is important to remember when removing eye makeup that there is no rush or any need to tug on the eyelashes in order to remove the mascara. Simply take a cotton ball and an eye makeup remover or, if you want something more organic, olive oil, then gently rub on to your lash area. Always remember to use different cotton balls per eye area to lessen the risk of spreading impurities or infection and use slow, gentle strokes instead of rubbing vigorously.


For lashes that make a statement, applying Eyelash Logic to the lash line after all makeup is removed helps recondition lashes and encourage them to grow longer, thicker and darker in a matter of weeks. Don’t believe us? Find out more here!