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Why Eyelash Logic is a safe alternative to risk-ridden false lashes and extensions

The story behind Eyelash Logic’s active ingredient, Bimatoprost, is similar to the Viagra story that was brought to light when patented in 1996. Bimatoprost was initially used as an eye drop to treat glaucoma.  As patients who had started using the product began to attend their follow-up appointments, it was noted that not only was their glaucoma safely under control, but they were also returning with longer, thicker eyelashes. This is because Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analogue, was stimulating and extending the growth phase of the eyelash follicles. In certain patients where they were only using the product in one eye, the findings were particularly obvious.  So much so that certain patients had to use eyelash extensions on their non-medicated eye, just to balance things out.

After a period of time, when eyelash growth was a well-reported side effect of Bimatoprost, doctors began to ask the question: what would happen if they applied the product to the eyelash only, rather than as an eye drop? Whilst it was already shown to be safe for use in patients with glaucoma, clinical trials were set up to look closely at Bimatoprost for eyelash growth specifically (an essential step in assessing the safety and effectiveness in any new clinical product). A pivotal trial published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (a multicentre, randomised controlled study involving 278 patients) concluded that Bimatoprost applied to the eyelashes was effective at promoting eyelash growth, with a very good safety profile. Subsequently, Bimatoprost was approved by the FDA for eyelash growth and marketed in the USA under the trade name Latisse. Several further multinational trials involving larger numbers of clients have since been published in the Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, The Journal of Clinical Aesthetic Dermatology, and British Journal of Dermatology, all supporting the evidence that Bimatoprost is safe and highly effective for the purpose of eyelash growth.

 Dr. Stephen, Director at Eyelash Logic said, “Eyelash Logic is quickly gaining popularity amongst those who would otherwise opt for false lashes because suddenly they have a whole new option, and one that really works! However, this isn’t the first time that a medication has been repurposed for its surprise benefits – Botox was initially used for eyelid spasm, whilst Regaine and Viagra were first used as treatments for high blood pressure. And much like Botox, Bimatoprost is a prescription-only product that is blurring the lines between cosmetics and medicine, a trend that is set to continue. I have many clients who have always longed for more noticeable eyelashes of their own who proclaim that Eyelash Logic could see the end of false lashes and extensions altogether”.

 The multitude of published trials and the number of clients now using Bimatoprost in the USA means that clients in the UK, where Bimatoprost is now available in the form of Eyelash Logic, can have confidence that the product is safe and effective. Bimatoprost is not for everyone though, and is available on prescription only, which is why here at Eyelash Logic we ensure that all orders go through an online consultation with one of our UK-trained, GMC registered doctors, who will make sure that the product is right for you.

 The Eyelash Logic treatment has been refined, and the team behind our product have ensured that it’s very easy to use at home. Apply it to the base of the upper lash line at night using a micro applicator brush and results are noticeable in just 4 weeks, with maximum results of fuller, longer, darker lashes seen in 8 to 16 weeks. After this period, the treatment only needs to be applied every other day to maintain the results, but if discontinued, lashes will gradually return back to their initial state. Mascara can be worn over the lashes to further enhance them, and because they are longer and fuller, the mascara has more to work with!