Enhance your natural lashes: Best mascara of SS17

The endless search for the PERFECT mascara can be gruelling, time-consuming and messy... because no one likes a smudged mascara in this heat. In the name of beauty, we've tried and tested our favourite brands this summer, so you don't have to! 

Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara

£25.50 from  House Of Fraser

£25.50 from House Of Fraser

Noted as an every day must-have, its simplicity of application benefits from an expert formula combined with highly advanced technology. With its tri-spherical brush and infinitely smoothing, buildable texture, it can accomplish anything, from the first application. The lashes are immediately thicker, longer and curved, but also revitalised, strengthened and more beautiful with every application. 

Our results: Amazing. The brush adds instant texture to your lashes creating volume with just one sweeping application. For an everyday, natural look only one coat is needed - for more dramatic effects, sweep the lashes with two.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

£19.00 from  Selfridges

£19.00 from Selfridges

The beauty blogger must-have mascara. Enhancing the volume, length and impact of eyelashes in just two strokes, the collagen-fuelled Better Than Sex volumising mascara from Too Faced gives an enviably intense flourish to your eyelashes. Offering smudge-proof all day wear, this mascara has been infused with Acacia Senegal tree extract, nourishing your lashes while thickening their appearance.

Our results: The large brush, designed to separate and curl the lashes, creates easy application and enviable thick lashes. Our mascara-testing team found that 2 coats sufficed and has immaculate staying power.

Clarins Supra Volume mascara

£21.50 from Boots

£21.50 from Boots

Clarins nourishing mascara formulated with cassie flower wax, leaves lashes looking fuller and longer in just one application. The lashes are immediately thicker, longer and curved, but also revitalised, strengthened and more beautiful with every application. 

Our results: Amazing results in just one coat, lashes were instantly longer, thicker and felt more nourished. Simple and elegant, this is your best bet for creating a bold look for a night out on the town.


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Let's talk lashes: Why eyelashes thin as we age

It is extremely normal for our eyelashes to age as we get older. This happens for a number of different reasons. Changes in our bodies cause a drop in certain hormones which may slow or even halt the production of eyelashes. Another factor affecting eyelash growth as we age is the common fact that skin starts to get a little dryer, which can cause eyelashes to lose the ability to retain moisture. Dry eyelashes lead to damaged eyelashes, but this is all part of the aging process, so there is really no need to be alarmed.

Eyelash growth has four stages: growth, resting, shedding and re-growth. Your lashes continuously cycle through these four stages. As we age, eyelash follicles can slow or stop producing new lashes altogether.

Aside from age, there are other reasons you may be experiencing thinning lashes. These may include:

  • Scrubbing or rubbing eyelashes too hard when removing makeup or cleansing the face. This can damage the skin and cause delicate eyelashes to fall out.
  • Medical conditions, medications or treatments.
  • Genetics.

So, what's the answer? Eyelash Logic, of course!

Eyelash Logic is designed to help enhance your natural lashes so you can feel confident and beautiful, just the way you are! Our product contains a prostaglandin analogue, which stimulates and extends the growth phase of the eyelash follicles; patients report that in just a matter of weeks their eyelashes were 25% longer, 106% thicker and 18% darker.

Apply Eyelash Logic to the base of the upper lash line at night using a micro applicator brush and results are noticeable in just 4 weeks, with maximum results of fuller, longer, darker lashes seen in 8 to 16 weeks. After this period, the treatment only needs to be applied every other day to maintain the results, but if discontinued, lashes will gradually return back to their initial state. Mascara can be worn over the lashes to further enhance them, and because they are longer and fuller, the mascara has more to work with!

You can enjoy £30.00 off a 3 month supply using code 'CAPITALFM' at checkout >> http://bit.ly/1QBAT06

**Offer ends 30th July 2017, offer valid for 3 month supplies only.**

Capital FM's Summertime Ball - The lowdown

Photo credit: Capital FM

Photo credit: Capital FM

We have some exciting news that we've been BURSTING to tell you - We're featuring at Capital FM's SOLD OUT Summertime Ball! *Happy dances*

Worldwide artists such as Little Mix, Zara Larsson and Dua Lipa will be getting their mitts on a FREE 3 month supply of our lash growing treatment, and we're now giving YOU a whopping £30.00 discount so that you can start your journey alongside them!

Simply enter 'CAPITALFM' at checkout and you'll be on your way to longer, darker and thicker lashes in no time!

Are YOU heading to the ball? Keep your eyes peeled when flicking through the programme, if you spot us - send us your selfie with the page and you'll get an extra-special treat from us, to you!

Myth Busters: Misconceptions about Eyelash Logic

Eyelash Logic is an FDA-approved treatment that affects the growth phase cycle of eyelash hair. There are few women out there who don’t wish for naturally longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes - the enormous false eyelash market is proof of that. Despite its proven safety through stringent worldwide clinical trials, a few myths and misconceptions surrounding Eyelash Logic's active ingredient, Bimatoprost 0.03%, have surfaced:

The first and most common misconception of the ingredient is that it may darken eye colour. Most doctors prescribing Bimatoprost 0.03% haven't seen the colour of patients iris's change as a result of using this product cosmetically; this can only be a side effect if placed directly in to the eye over a long period of time. When it is used as an eyelash enhancement product it is instead applied with a micro-applicator onto the skin. Few patients have experienced some darkening of the lash line, but this is temporary and reversible upon discontinuing the product.

Another misconception is that a user of Eyelash Logic is not allowed to use other products, such as contact lenses, eyeliner, mascara, and fake eyelashes. This is false, since Eyelash Logic is applied at night, the following morning clients can adhere to their usual makeup routine. However, people who wear contact lenses should wait 15 minutes after applying Eyelash Logic before inserting them. 

Clients have confidence that the product is safe and effective, as Eyelash Logic is available on a prescription only basis, which is why all orders go through an online consultation with one of our UK-trained, GMC registered doctors, who will make sure that the product is right for you!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 16.22.54.png

Bimatoprost 0.03% has proven safe and effective for tens of thousands of satisfied patients. To find out how it can help give YOU darker, fuller, longer and younger-looking lashes, email us at enquiries@eyelashlogic.com.

3 steps for a more youthful complexion

Photo credit: Estee Lauder

Photo credit: Estee Lauder

Skincare isn't ALL about anti-aging or halting the development of wrinkles, but providing the TLC it needs with deeper, more nourishing products designed specifically for mature skin. From luxurious facial oils to revitalising serums, beauty industry legend, Estēe Lauder, provides just that (and more) with their specifically designed Advanced Night Repair range.

So, what's the secret? ChronoluxCB™ is at the core of every treatment within the Advance Night Repair range. This proprietary blend is designed to reverse the harmful environmental effects to our skin. Each is intended for use at night and works best when the cells are more susceptible to renewal - whilst sleeping!


Photo credit:   MEMOISELLE

Photo credit:  MEMOISELLE

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Micro Cleansing Foam is designed to remove makeup and impurities, including pollution, as it purifies deep within skin's surface to improve skins overall health. The conditioning formula transforms into a soft, airy foam before massaging onto skin, helping microcirculation, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed.


Photo credit:  (OMG)BART!

Photo credit: (OMG)BART!

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair legendary serum is packed with peptides, vitamins and antioxidants to rejuvenate the skin, sinking in within seconds and layers beautifully under a night cream. The serum visibly firms, softens fine lines and smoothes over rough uneven tone. What's more, it's free of fragrance and suitable for all skin types.

Tested and proven: More than 75% of women felt their skin looked more youthful in just 4 weeks. Skin feels smoother, hydrated, stronger. 82% felt their skin was immediately hydrated. Skin looks younger, radiant, more even toned. 83% felt their skin looked healthier, fresher, more rested in just 4 weeks.

Simply use several drops and smooth in gently all over face and throat; starting at the center, outward.


Photo credit:  ESTEELAUDER

Photo credit: ESTEELAUDER

Micro ampoules. Mega impact.

This powerful recovery concentrate calms and rapidly renews the look of over-stressed skin, helping to strengthen its resistance against future assaults; perfect for jet lag or even after a long day at the office.

After just one ampoule, 92% of women said their skin felt calmed and soothed the next morning.* Skin looked more radiant and healthy. Apply it over Advanced Night Repair Serum and in just 2 weeks, the improvement in skin's protective barrier strength is more than doubled.**

Grab all of these goodies HERE.

Have YOU added any of these steps into your skincare routine recently? We want to hear about it!


*Consumer testing on a total of 567 women with stressed skin.
**Compared with using Advanced Night Repair Serum alone.

Why Eyelash Logic is a safe alternative to risk-ridden false lashes and extensions

The story behind Eyelash Logic’s active ingredient, Bimatoprost, is similar to the Viagra story that was brought to light when patented in 1996. Bimatoprost was initially used as an eye drop to treat glaucoma.  As patients who had started using the product began to attend their follow-up appointments, it was noted that not only was their glaucoma safely under control, but they were also returning with longer, thicker eyelashes. This is because Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analogue, was stimulating and extending the growth phase of the eyelash follicles. In certain patients where they were only using the product in one eye, the findings were particularly obvious.  So much so that certain patients had to use eyelash extensions on their non-medicated eye, just to balance things out.

After a period of time, when eyelash growth was a well-reported side effect of Bimatoprost, doctors began to ask the question: what would happen if they applied the product to the eyelash only, rather than as an eye drop? Whilst it was already shown to be safe for use in patients with glaucoma, clinical trials were set up to look closely at Bimatoprost for eyelash growth specifically (an essential step in assessing the safety and effectiveness in any new clinical product). A pivotal trial published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (a multicentre, randomised controlled study involving 278 patients) concluded that Bimatoprost applied to the eyelashes was effective at promoting eyelash growth, with a very good safety profile. Subsequently, Bimatoprost was approved by the FDA for eyelash growth and marketed in the USA under the trade name Latisse. Several further multinational trials involving larger numbers of clients have since been published in the Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, The Journal of Clinical Aesthetic Dermatology, and British Journal of Dermatology, all supporting the evidence that Bimatoprost is safe and highly effective for the purpose of eyelash growth.

 Dr. Stephen, Director at Eyelash Logic said, “Eyelash Logic is quickly gaining popularity amongst those who would otherwise opt for false lashes because suddenly they have a whole new option, and one that really works! However, this isn’t the first time that a medication has been repurposed for its surprise benefits – Botox was initially used for eyelid spasm, whilst Regaine and Viagra were first used as treatments for high blood pressure. And much like Botox, Bimatoprost is a prescription-only product that is blurring the lines between cosmetics and medicine, a trend that is set to continue. I have many clients who have always longed for more noticeable eyelashes of their own who proclaim that Eyelash Logic could see the end of false lashes and extensions altogether”.

 The multitude of published trials and the number of clients now using Bimatoprost in the USA means that clients in the UK, where Bimatoprost is now available in the form of Eyelash Logic, can have confidence that the product is safe and effective. Bimatoprost is not for everyone though, and is available on prescription only, which is why here at Eyelash Logic we ensure that all orders go through an online consultation with one of our UK-trained, GMC registered doctors, who will make sure that the product is right for you.

 The Eyelash Logic treatment has been refined, and the team behind our product have ensured that it’s very easy to use at home. Apply it to the base of the upper lash line at night using a micro applicator brush and results are noticeable in just 4 weeks, with maximum results of fuller, longer, darker lashes seen in 8 to 16 weeks. After this period, the treatment only needs to be applied every other day to maintain the results, but if discontinued, lashes will gradually return back to their initial state. Mascara can be worn over the lashes to further enhance them, and because they are longer and fuller, the mascara has more to work with!

Barefaced beauty: How to get that killer complexion this summer season

Where in this wonderful world is your vacay taking you this summer? Wherever your adventure resides, there's nothing more important than keeping your skin healthy, happy and looking flawless. How, you may ask? We'll let you in to some top secrets to that killer complexion this summer season.


If you’re spending a few hours in the sun, it’s important to protect your skin. However, you shouldn’t have to swap your foundation for a greasy, pimple-producing sunscreen. Let your skin shine through with a sheer, lightweight, dewy complexion perfecter - we recommend bareMinerals COMPLEXION RESCUE™ TINTED HYDRATING GEL CREAM

The powerful hydration meets healthy-looking coverage. The best of a BB, a CC, and a tinted moisturiser...with a 215% increase in skin hydration after just one week*. With mineral-based SPF30, this is great summer coverup if you have skin that burns easily. It contains water-encapsulations, which gives skin an instant shot of hydration without silicones or oils to get in the way, so dehydrated summer skin will look instantly plump and dewy.

Create a soft glow on your cheeks with a warm, radiant cream color, such as Nars The Multiple in Portofino - Nars' iconic innovation, the multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Its unique creamy formula and sheer color blends effortlessly to create shimmering accents; contours or dynamic highlights on all skin tones.  

Enhance your brow, but don’t make it look sculpted – remember the idea is to look barefaced goddess. Instead of Anastasia Beverly Hills' ever-famous DIPBROW® POMADE, opt for their award-winning ultra-slim, retractable pencil that creates precise, hair-like strokes. Brow Wiz®'s fine tip to spot-fill areas where brow hair is sparse, and the custom spooley end to blend for a flawless finish.

Finally, enhance your Eyelash Logic results with a waterproof mascara that packs a punch - Clinique's High Impact Waterproof Mascara, this mascara is a forever favourite of the nation. It doesn’t dry out lashes or slip off in high heat like many other high-end brands.


The foods you eat should be packed full of vitamins and minerals! When food is nutritionally rich, your skins will be healthy, happy and will thank you for it with a killer complexion. Unsure on what to eat? Give this gorgeous Very Berry Smoothie a whirl!

Most importantly, have fun and show off your fabulous self this summer in the sun. There's nothing more gorgeous than a lady with confidence! ❤️

*Based on average results on an independent U.S. clinical study of 62 participants.

Why eyelash extensions are ruining your lashes and your bank account

Eyelash extensions have been one of the biggest growth areas in the beauty market over the past decade, attributed to ‘quick-fix’ glamour, and an obsession with celebrity style. Women are looking to their favourite celebs for beauty inspiration – but what effect do the fabulous falsies have on natural lashes (and bank accounts)?

Medical experts have warned that the adhesives used for the applications of eyelash extensions can carry risk of infection, allergic reaction and even cause permanent damage to lash follicles. The UK's College of Optometrists in England warned that the procedure can even cause permanent loss of eyelashes. 'Repeated use of eyelash extensions can cause traction alopecia, a condition where the hair falls out due to excessive tension placed on the hair shaft,' a press release stated. As a result, this can damage the hair follicle, which can slow down and even cease production of hair.'

Not only this, lash extensions come with quite the price tag. With an average of £45.00 per application and £20.00 for infills every 2 weeks, the costs really starts to build up. Over the course of 3 months, lash extensions can set you down a whopping £125.00 - that's £46.00 more expensive than Eyelash Logic's 3 month supply!

Christopher Stephen, Director here at Eyelash Logic, said, “Eyelash Logic is different to lash extensions - it makes your natural lashes grow longer and thicker, meaning you have less reason to wear false lashes at all”.

Want in? Find out more about our clinically proven eyelash growth treatment here.